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Ryan Kaufman from

On this episode I talk with Ryan Kaufman from the boutique website brokerage Ryan has a couple different divisions at Digital Acquisitions: Traditional sales side brokerage model where work with owners closely to improve valuations and then list and prepare the marketing material to get the highest offer. Buy side concierge service where the buyers are […]

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Mark Daoust from Quietlight Brokerage

On this episode, I talk with Mark Daoust from Quietlight Brokerage. Mark started his first website in 2004 as an SEO play as a resource for website owners and online marketers to share information and publish blog posts. It soon turned into an email play leveraging a second site to build a list of over […]

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Black Friday 2017 for Bootstrappers

Here are the top Black Friday deals for folks bootstrapping their online businesses this year: Human Proof Designs Dom (who I interviewed on the pod) is doing the biggest sale in HPD history with 10% off all products and services, whether you want to purchase a site or some links. In addition to the 10% […]

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How to Invest in ICOs

The way I see it there are 3 ways to make good money in the cryptocurrency space: Buy up a bunch of altcoins when it’s alt season and sell near the top (don’t be a dumb HODLer who can never sell). Trade the variance in cryptos to USD or crypto pairs Invest in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) at the […]

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Matt Diggity from

On this episode I talk with Matt Diggity from Matt Diggity has a portfolio of over 20 sites that he flips and is also the co-founder of Leadspring which is a partnership for people with sites who are stuck in the rankings or have had income start to flatline. Ideal partners are affiliate sites with a high […]

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