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50 altcoins

How to Buy AltCoins

Feeling like you’ve missed the boat with Bitcoin? Don’t fear, there are thousands of alternative cryptocurrencies to purchase and top cryptocurrency lists such as on or Some of the most popular ones are shown below. This article will teach you where and how to buy altcoins, often by first purchasing Bitcoin so first […]

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Ultimate Guide to Building & Selling Content Sites

What are Content Sites? Content sites are either product review sites or blogs where the majority of their traffic comes from Google organic search. They are predominantly monetized by advertising and affiliate commissions, as well as revenue from info / digital products. Content sites are not directory / lead generation sites. Nor are they ecommerce stores (such as […]

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How To Sell A Website & Buy A Porsche

My first exit was selling a small shopify dropship store (backstory here) on for under 24x monthly earnings (this was 2016!). The process of selling a business and discovering what is valuable to buyers had been an incredible learning experience for me and Frank who bought the business is a great guy (interview below). […]

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BD010 – Focusing on What Matters

00:50 SCALE 1/10 HOW DID YOU FEEL THE LAST WEEK WENT Rich – 6 – figured a ton out about focus / customer segments Ben – 4 – overworked and underpaid, starting to feel like an employee again 02:07 SHOUTOUTS SECTION New slack members – Aaron Francis, Scott Humphries, Sean from We’re now up […]

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1 Hustling for snowsport clients

I was at the press / first day of the Ski & Snowboard Show London yesterday and it was great to network and meet with the UK ski industry leading tour operators, instructor companies and equipment manufacturers. I was there for two reasons. Firstly to sell my search engine optimisation & conversion rate optimisation services (helping […]

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