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I’ve got a lot of value from the courses that the Authority Hacker guys have put out over the years. They currently have their beginner Authority Site System, their advanced Authority Hacker Pro and their dedicated link-building course The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint which has been their main strength.

Indeed building thousands of linking root domains enabled them to achieve a mid six figure exit on a brand new domain within 18 months (unheard of).

On an episode of the Flipping Websites podcast, I spoke to the co-founder Mark Webster (fellow Brit) where we discussed his entrepreneurship journey, how he met his co-founder Gael Breton, why they now only do whitehat link-building, and what his thesis is on website investing.

Mark is a top guy, so much so that when we met up in Edinburgh, where he is based, he bought me lunch 🙂

And if you wanted an independent review of their products check out the video below:

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