Beehiiv Vs ConvertKit: Which Tool Is Best for Creators?

Deciding which website tool to invest in is critical, so let’s examine the features of Beehiiv and ConvertKit to determine which one best meets your business needs. Beehiiv vs ConvertKit are two popular options that can help you reach success with your online venture. Both tools have unique features that may make them better suited for different types of businesses, so let’s take a look at what each has to offer and how they compare against one another. We’ll explore the benefits of using either Beehiiv or ConvertKit as well as any drawbacks associated with these services before helping you decide which tool is best for your specific situation.

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Beehiiv is an all-in-one email marketing platform that offers website building, email automation, data analytics and growth tools at a flat monthly rate. It’s the perfect choice for growing creators and companies who need to keep their costs down while still getting access to top quality features. It is less expensive than Convertkit.

BeeHiiv also offers powerful Analytics that show performance per acquisition channel so you can optimize your campaigns accordingly. It is in another league above Convertkit, which only gives

Integrating other tools with BeeHiiv is made easy thanks to its integration with Webflow, allowing users to build beautiful websites without any coding experience necessary. Additionally, BeeHiive provides exclusive Email Automation options which make it simple for users to create automated workflows tailored specifically towards their needs.

When it comes ease of use, Beehiiv makes starting up a Newsletter Subscription Service as easy as possible with minimal friction in the setup process. Plus they provide detailed Knowledge Base Articles on how best to utilize their service making onboarding even simpler than ever before.

Customer support is another area where Beehiiv excels. Beehiiv provides round-the-clock support through their phone line or chat function if users need assistance, as well as online resources for those preferring to tackle any issues independently.

Overall, BeeHiiv and ConvertKit offer a variety of features for creators. Next, let’s take a look at the particular functionalities provided by both BeeHiiv and ConvertKit.

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Beehiiv is a powerful newsletter subscription service that provides users with an array of features to help them grow their subscribers. With its sponsorship options, users can easily add sponsorships to their newsletters and make recommendations of other people’s newsletters. BeeHiive’s analytics feature allows users to see how different subscribers perform based on the acquisition channel used for each subscriber. It also offers integration with other tools like Webflow which helps save time by allowing seamless communication between platforms.

Whilst beehiiv offers email automation it is nowhere near as sophisticated as what you can do in Convertkit. The email automation option offered by Convertkit is one of its most impressive features:

Users can create multi-step email sequences based on triggers set up within the system, ensuring each subscriber receives tailored messages according to their interests or actions taken in response to previous emails sent out via this toolset – thus increasing engagement rates over time.

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Both platforms have their own sponsorship ad networks, this is beehiiv’s landing page and below is a video introducing Convertkit’s:

Pricing Plans

Beehiiv’s pricing is straightforward with a free plan, grow plan with more features and it’s top scale plan starts at just $99/m if paying monthly, which is what I use:

Convertkit’s pricing is more expensive, with it’s top plan starting at $140/m if you have 5000+ subscribers:


BeeHiiv is a newsletter subscription platform that offers minimal friction when starting up. Users can swiftly and simply initiate a profile without any website or technical know-how. With BeeeHiiV, scaling your business is effortless and you can start monetizing right away without having to worry about the hassle of setting up a website or dealing with coding issues. The user interface is simple to understand, so those unfamiliar with email marketing will be able to quickly find their way around. For those who need a bit of extra guidance, there are plenty of helpful tutorials to be found.

Beehiiv offers a minimal friction experience when starting up a newsletter subscription service, making it easy to use for anyone. Additionally, their customer support is exemplary with detailed knowledge base articles provided by the company.

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Customer Support

BeeeHiiV and ConvertKit both offer customer support services, however there are some differences worth noting. BeeeHiiV provides a comprehensive knowledge base with detailed articles to help users understand their product better. This is advantageous for users seeking more comprehensive knowledge of the product’s capabilities or aid in fixing problems. In addition, BeeeHiiV offers live training sessions and webinars every month so that customers can stay up to date on new developments. On the other hand, ConvertKit has video tutorials instead of written articles which may be easier for some users to digest quickly but lack the depth offered by BeeeHiiV’s Knowledge Base Articles.

Overall, BeeeHiiv provides a great selection of resources when it comes to customer support – from detailed Knowledge Base Articles to live trainings and webinars. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for more than just basic assistance with their newsletter subscription service.


In conclusion, when deciding between Beehiiv and ConvertKit for your business needs, it is important to consider the features of each platform that best suit your particular situation. It may be beneficial to compare both options in terms of pricing plans, customer support services, automation capabilities and other features before making a decision. Ultimately though, by researching beehiiv vs convertkit thoroughly you can make an informed choice on which tool will give you the most value for money while helping you reach your goals.