Being Mercenary Not Missionary

I‘m back in the mountain disneyland of Whistler, BC.

I did a ski season here ten years ago with my buddy Gav and now I’m back on my honeymoon (I got up early and snuck out to head to starbucks and write this!).

I’m not good at “forced” time away from working – it’s all I’ve known for the last five years, what I’ve done on the weekends and over holidays to get to the point of knowing my rent is paid.

As mentioned in my last post I no longer feel the worry of where the next pay check is coming from – sending out a couple hundred outbound sales emails with a productized service that either saves people time or increases profit will do the trick.

My issue now is what to focus on, and now I’m travelling again, moving from place to place every week or so, the act of focus and keeping momentum becomes a lot harder.

I feel it’s fashionable for your business to have a mission nowadays.

For example I’ve felt obliged to create a mission statement for such as “helping 1000 entrepreneurs double their revenue” or some other arbitrary BS statement.

The fact is my businesses operate for me.

And as mercenary as this may sound in this value / purpose led rhetoric economy I’m in it for the cash and then I’m out.

I love what I do and my moral code is to provide more value than people pay, but I have an overarching financial goal and when I reach it I’m out of this internet marketing / biz game.

There’s an interesting article on Inc. called The Mercenary vs. Missionary Entrepreneur arguing why it’s important to have a business mission beyond just making money. As someone who worked in social enterprise in the UK for 5 years I get the perspective but I never bought into having to have a social purpose embedded within your business, as if it’s unethical to act purely for profit. It’s part of the reason I named my company Profit Is Good Ltd 6 years ago.

I’m mercenary in my approach to build wealth for my family, provide value to other entrepreneurs and then focus on activities that lead to the biggest positive social and environmental value, actually using the masters degree I got in international development 15 years ago.

What’s your perspective? Let me know in the comments below.


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