BD010 – Focusing on What Matters

00:50 SCALE 1/10 HOW DID YOU FEEL THE LAST WEEK WENT Rich – 6 – figured a ton out about focus / customer segments Ben – 4 – overworked and underpaid, starting to feel like an employee again 02:07 SHOUTOUTS SECTION New slack members – Aaron Francis, Scott Humphries, Sean from visiblehq.com We’re now up […]

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1 Hustling for snowsport clients

I was at the press / first day of the Ski & Snowboard Show London yesterday and it was great to network and meet with the UK ski industry leading tour operators, instructor companies and equipment manufacturers. I was there for two reasons. Firstly to sell my search engine optimisation & conversion rate optimisation services (helping […]

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2 How To Print iPhone Panorama Photos Online

How and why I set up a panoramic print e-commerce business With the iOS6 update Apple iPhone 5 and 4s owners as well as iPod touch can now take fantastic panorama photos. The camera stitches together 4x 8MP photos to result in a single 18MB 10,800 pixel wide photo. This works out to 150″ wide at the native 72ppi […]

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