Justin Cooke from Empire Flippers

On this episode I talk with, Justin Cooke, co-founder and CMO of empireflippers.com which is a marketplace for buying and selling online businesses which I’ve used before when sold my small ecommerce business. If you’re looking to sell your website you can use this link to save their $297 listing fee. Discussed on this episode […]

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How To Build An Authority Site Muse

Table of Contents Engineering a museMuse Math – Defining the challengeBuilding an authority site (muse examples)How To Setup An Online Content AssetHow to make money from authority sitesAMAZON AFFILIATECLICKBANKClickbank Affiliate Marketing Funnel StructureRECURRING SOFTWARE COMMISSIONSConclusion I first read the Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss back in 2012 and six months later I set up […]

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How To Sell A Website & Buy A Porsche

My first exit was selling a small shopify dropship store (backstory here) on empireflippers.com for under 24x monthly earnings (this was 2016!). The process of selling a business and discovering what is valuable to buyers had been an incredible learning experience for me and Frank who bought the business is a great guy (interview below). […]

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Sumo as a Service

I’ve been productizing services for over 3 years, selling internet marketing services to a variety of niches from ski, accountants (don’t go there, honest) to targeting B2B2B. I’ve had some success with these productized service based businesses but never quite found product / market fit. Most recently I’ve been focusing on software platforms, such as clickfunnels with my business […]

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BD024 – Doubling Down

HOW FELT LAST 2 WEEKS WENT Rich – 5 Ben – 3 We’re actually going to be reducing how often the episodes come out down to once or twice a month whilst we focus on just one business – more on that in the update section. SHOUTOUTS SECTION We have 5 new slack members and […]

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