BD022 – Before The Hockeystick

SHOUTOUTS SECTION Thanks to Shayna for the comment about conversion rates on our last episode about million dollar business models. We have 5 new slack members and we welcome Justin Cooke, Tristan, Anny, Damian Thompson & Ward Now up to 76 members in our slack room and it’s free to join for the first 100. […]

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BD020 – Profit Is Good

HOW FEEL OUT OF 10 Have had feedback from slack community about this feeling section on how the podcast is kinda losing its focus on hitting 100k a month. Thing is our MRR won’t inspire anyone right now as we decided on episode 14 to start from 0. Ben – 7 Rich – 7 SHOUTOUTS SECTION We […]

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BD019 – Freedom Lovin’

This week we chat online products with Kevin Koskella from the Freedom Lovin podcast. Kevin is a Freedom Tycoon who turned his love for competitive swimming into a profitable business in 2003 with and he introduced Rich & Ben in Boulder back in 2013. HOW FEEL LAST WEEK WENT OUT OF 10 Ben – 6 […]

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BD018 – Are You Thinking Big Enough?

HOW DID LAST WEEK GO OUT OF 10 Ben – 6 Rich – 7 Ben was playing around with the silicon valley job title generator. a few of his favorites… IN-HOUSE TECH SHAMAN QUANTIFICATION STRATEGIST PRINCIPAL DIGITAL IMAGING VISIONARY (fancy way of saying they follow photoshop tutorials) RESIDENT DISRUPTIONIST BROGRAMMING LORD SHOUTOUTS SECTION • Shout out […]

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BD015 – Don’t Be An Idiot, Create A Product

(00:48) SCALE 1/10 HOW FELT LAST WEEK WENT  Ben – 6 – mentally bounced back Rich – 6 – slow recovery from focussing on clients SHOUTOUTS SECTION New Slack members: Douglas, Alex, Rich Buggy, Mitch, and Claff from the unicorn in the bootstrap space who interviewed Ben on their Startup Chat back in the day […]

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My Top Business Podcasts For Bootstrappers

Kim Doyal from the WPChick asked me on Twitter yesterday what business podcasts I listen to and as questions are contentI thought I’d do a post about it. In this post are the podcasts for bootstrappers I listen to religiously and it’s interesting to see that most are part of the Dynamite Circle that I’m a member […]

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