Bootstrap Duel Episode 25 – Finale with Damian Thompson

Hi guys, this is the final episode from where I talk with Damian Thompson from

DT was the guy I first reached out to when starting this podcast and he turned me down saying wait until we had an audience, ha. DT is the go-to guy for scaling businesses through outbound sales and we discuss the issues of scaling productized services businesses.

You can choose to go low end with 1000s of customers and 100s of staff and SOPs, or choose to go high end with 10s of customers paying a lot more for access to expertise. We also talk about how revenue growth is more important than focussing on MRR, and how affiliate checks can be an MRR strategy – Affiliate With A Service (AWAS) anyone?!

I am sure you are wondering what happened to our duel with Ben and I. As DT said, even the best business partnership can phase out, and sadly this show hasn’t worked out for us.

However, I recorded this last episode for this community as a farewell and a thank you for your loyalty and all the reviews, comments and tweets. I am a believer in abundance & transparency and continuing to share knowledge and you will likely hear from me again in the near future with another project.

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