BD007 – Cutting the Cake


Rich – 5

Ben – 5


1:10 – UK iTunes Reviews (which Ben can’t see in US, well done iTunes) by Claus:

Great podcast. I like how they share things that work and don’t work. Very helpful

Are we new or noteworthy enough to get to New & Noteworthy?!

1:30 – People struggling to tell us about to got to say our names more!

02:00 – Shoutout to our  newest Slack members, we’re now up to 22 slackers:

  1. Nathan Hastings from
  2. Fredrik Schoon from

No wins this week so straight into…


03:58 – Rich back on, split inbound & outbound into separate productized services, sent 200 emails to all Xero partner directory in US and actually had positive responses. Rich getting way better at sales emails, have stopped talking about his business and using real short email with a single question which is getting at least 10% positive replies:

Hi {first_name}

I came across you in the Xero advisor directory.

Interested to know: Have you been growing {company_name} organically (from inbound & referrals) or have you been finding & directly reaching out to new prospects?

Best wishes

Richard Patey

Rich: To not productize…

06:51 – Ben sending emails to fortune 5000 companies, told how discovered profile and asked a question.

07:30 – Ben would rather get no response than negative response. Rich answers by saying he definitely wouldn’t; he will keep following up until he gets the FUCK YOU! As Steli from says follow up or die. Rich has lost all inbox anxiety.

08:15 – Rich also been doing outbound for properly using Salesloft Cadence with 2 follow emails all highly personalised and manually sending each email. Response from marketing agencies lukewarm, seems they are happy to grow organically.

10:47 – controversially, Richard thinking about taking prices off as thinks he’s value cutting himself from having a fixed priced, cost based pricing structure. The only metric is increasing number of leads B2B companies get a month and coming up with custom priced service. It shouldn’t be about the number of links built a month for example.

17:18 – Ben in process of negotiating second law firm deal, referral from first customer.

18:40 – Ben launching first LinkedIn campaign for client, creating the Denver Wealth Preservation group targeting high net-worth individuals. There’s nothing worse than selling to the poor 🙂

And finally another shoutout to Buckbee from 😉

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