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5 SEO lessons learnt from snowboarding

Below is a guest blog post I did for the great SEO app guys Yodelay on lessons from my experience of snowboarding that I apply to search engine optimisation first published here. There appears to be a disproportionate amount of digital marketers that snowboard. eConsultancy is just about to head off for its Digital Ski 2013 event and there […]

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How To Print iPhone Panorama Photos Online

How and why I set up a panoramic print e-commerce business With the iOS6 update Apple iPhone 5 and 4s owners as well as iPod touch can now take fantastic panorama photos. The camera stitches together 4x 8MP photos to result in a single 18MB 10,800 pixel wide photo. This works out to 150″ wide at the native 72ppi […]

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2 Lessons in business from Star Trek

The Kobayashi Maru and Rules of Acquisition The Kobayashi Maru is a training exercise in Star Trek which places a crew of trainee cadets in a no-win scenario, one in which they have to choose whether or not to attempt to rescue the crew of a stranded ship, the Kobayashi Maru, and in doing so […]

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Apple’s Human Interface to reject skeuomorphism?

Last week was a victory against skeuomorphism (a design element of a product that imitates design elements that were functionally necessary in the original product design, but which have become ornamental in the new design) as Apple’s executive shake up resulted in Scott Forstall, the SVP in charge of iOS leaving and Jonathan Ive’s domain increasing from […]

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Startup Britain local champion for Norfolk

It’s been great to be named as Norfolk’s Startup Local Champion for Norfolk by the national campaign StartUp Britain for the work I’ve been doing through my company and with Startup Norfolk. StartUp Britain is a national campaign that was launched by the Prime Minister David Cameron last year to encourage start-up growth in the UK. Since then […]

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Choose your passions wisely

Anyone who has got close to me from 2008 to 2011 will have known my fascination, passion and obsession with the game of poker. I started playing out in Whistler, Canada whilst doing a ski season in 2006- it was a very fun and sociable activity in the evening with friends in the condo. I […]

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