What Are Content Upgrades?

Content upgrades are hot right now. Never before has the lonely opt-in page, hived off by itself, been under so much threat. So what exactly  is a content upgrade?

A content upgrade is an post specific opt-in that offers additional information about the post in exchange for an email address.

An example would look like this:

[learn_more] Download a step-by-step PDF guide to integrating content upgrades on your site.[/learn_more]

The Benefits Of Content Upgrades

Number one reason to like content upgrades is that they convert like crazy. This is because the relevancy of the offer is so much higher than showing the same generic offer on your entire site.

They also enables you to create a super-targeting lists of people interested in specific offers or with similar problems.

Should I set up content upgrades on every post on my site?

The answer to this is based on expected value. On your top blog posts (especially evergreen posts) that get the most traffic it makes total sense to spend the time to create a post-specific offer as the return on effort based on higher conversion rates will be there. On posts related to products that you offer it is a must play.

How to set up a content upgrade on your site

If you use a list-based email service provider, such as Mailchimp, then it doesn’t make sense to add a new list just for those who sign up through a specific post. Instead it makes sense to either deliver the content upgrade automatically and simply add them to the main list and tag them as having signed up through the blog post.

To deliver the content I recommend using either the Leadboxes feature in Leadpages or the Thrive Leads plugin. With Leadpages you can setup automatic lead magnet delivery that sends an email to the subscriber with the PDF. You can set up a double-confirmation process where people have to confirm by visiting a custom thank you page with the link to download the PDF (and you could even have a link to an service based or product offer on the thank you page). Or you can simply enable the download based on any email entered (whether it’s validated or not).

Custom follow up sequence offer

Once you have someone who has expressed interest in receiving more information about a topic then it would be crazy just to dump them into your main list or onboarding sequence vs writing a drip email sequence with more information about the topic that then leads to a relevant offer. (This is another reason why it does not make sense to create content upgrades on all posts).