Counting Down Is Faster Than Counting Up

Irecently turned my home office into a massive whiteboard by putting up sheet after sheet of Magic Whiteboard (so good) which has enabled me to plan how I’m going to achieve my crazy big goal (for me at least) of $1MM net worth by age 40 (30 months away).

It all starts with selling Funnel Engine for high five figures and start work building up an authority site in the health and fitness niche where I can play with all kinds of monetization such as amazon associates, clickbank, dropship and potentially my own physical products in an ecommerce play.

I’m planning on going from $0 to $20k/m within 30 months with this new authority site and selling for over $500k. That combined with the income I’ll be kicking out from the site as well as my personal site (the one you’re on) where I’m planning on building out my own course, membership and potentially coaching product should get me to 7 figures.

Dan Norris, co-founder of WP Curve just achieved this (if he hadn’t cash flowed there already) by announcing last week they sold the business to Godaddy. I couldn’t sleep after reading that news, kept making me think I wasn’t moving fast enough.

But this game is about patience, Dan has been in the game longer than I have and is exceptional at a number of things I’m not and and we each have our own journey. Just have to focus on your strengths or ideally strength – the one thing you can do as well as anyone in the world and then double down on that and hire other people’s expertise to fill in the gaps and cover your weaknesses.

Business is just like poker or swing trading – you will lose more pots or bets than you win but if you stop your losses quickly and let your wins run / stack your opponents you will out perform your competition.

Affiliate MRR

Having clickfunnels pay me an average $45/m each is like having my own micro SaaS without ever having to deal with support. I can never see myself building my own SaaS, although do like the idea of investing in and marketing one such as Ryan Levesque of the Ask Method (segmentation funnels) with his new startup

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