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I get asked a bunch of interesting crypto questions through the Drift chat widget – here are the best.

A: The only altcoins you can directly purchase fiat that I'm aware of are ETH & LTC (& BCH) - to buy the rest you will have to trade on an exchange. once purchased you can send them to your own wallet for security

Q: Where can i buy ICO's or smaller crypto currencies... is there an app or specific place recomended

A: You can use any of the ico listing sites in this post or to buy alternative crypto I wrote this post.

Q: Wheres the best place to buy cryptocoins ?

A: if you're new to crypto I would always advise starting with coinbase like I did as it's the most secure.

Q: What are your thoughts on hardware wallets vs. secure online wallets ?

I personally only store my coins on hardware wallets such as Trezor or Ledger.

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