BD022 – Before The Hockeystick


  • Now up to 76 members in our slack room and it’s free to join for the first 100.



Have my fb ad campaign and video squeeze page set up, currently averaging $5 an email so that has to change!

Just finished blog post on called ‘Process Oriented vs Results Oriented Business Models’ – have taken down outbound product from v2 is a go with a new content marketing offering which has far lower variance.


Wrote a bit more for the book, though it’s still not done yet. I need to complete one additional example, and it should be ready to go. I’ve been rushing to get this thing done, but patience is a virtue.

Pre sales is at


(17:00) Our strategy to get to 100k/m

Rich – products + productized service

Ben – products + SAAS

(19:00) What’s the alternative to bouncing around between businesses?

(21:00) Talking about the 1000 day rule – unless a business takes off in the 2nd year you can’t scale it int he 3rd year. Neither of us have found product/ market fit to scale.

(23:00) Dealing with variance – it’s a bitch and you can’t prove that you’re in the dip. The probability of achieving increases every day and if you stay in the game long enough it is inevitable you will be successful.

(26:00) – Ben’s framework is to help others not have to go through the pain of building something that no-one wants.


Rich – building out authority site, finding other affiliate offers, outreach for product, outbound / content for funnelengine

Ben – ship product to get first sale, buy now baby

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