The Ultimate Guide to Selling Domains

Welcome to my Domain Selling Guide, which offers guidance and strategies for gaining the most from your domain market investments. The domain market can be a rewarding venture if you have the correct info and resources.

In this guide, we will explore various methods to determine your domain name’s value by considering factors such as length, keywords, brandability, and using online valuation tools like EstiBot or NameBio. We will also discuss setting up an effective for-sale landing page that captures leads from direct visitors while showcasing the benefits of owning the particular domain.

Furthermore, this Domain Selling Guide covers utilizing commission-free sales platforms like Efty to save money on commissions while gaining exposure through their marketing tools. In addition, we delve into listing your domains on aftermarket websites such as GoDaddy Auctions, Flippa & NameJet for increased visibility in niche marketplaces.

Lastly, we will touch upon engaging with professional brokers who can help streamline the selling process and secure high-value deals for your premium domains. Stay tuned as we unravel these proven techniques that can elevate your success in the domain flipping industry.

Table of Contents:

Determine Your Domain Name’s Value

Before selling, it is essential to assess the worth of your domain name by considering factors such as length, keywords, brandability and past sales data of similar domains. Factors that contribute to a domain’s worth include age, length, keywords, brandability, and historical sales data of similar domains. You can use tools like EstiBot or NameBio to get an estimate of your domain’s value.

Consider factors such as length, keywords and brandability

A domain name that is concise tends to be worth more than one that is lengthy, as it can be simpler for people to recall and type. Additionally, having relevant keywords in the domain name can increase its value since they help with search engine optimization (SEO). Finally, consider whether the domain has strong branding potential – this means it should be easy to pronounce and spell while also being unique enough not to be confused with other brands.

Use online valuation tools like EstiBot or NameBio

  • EstiBot: This tool provides automated appraisals based on several factors including keyword popularity, search volume trends, comparable sales data from past transactions among others giving you an estimated market price for your specific domain.
  • NameBio: A comprehensive database containing historical sale records of millions of domains allowing you compare prices paid by previous buyers helping gauge current demand levels thus providing insights into what might be fair market pricing today given existing conditions within industry landscape.

Taking these factors into account will give you a better understanding of your domain’s value, making it easier to set a realistic asking price and increase the chances of selling it successfully.

Once you have determined the value of your domain name, you can begin to set up a for-sale landing page that will capture leads from direct visitors and showcase the benefits of owning this particular domain.

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Set Up A For-Sale Landing Page

Creating a For-Sale landing page for your domain name is an essential step in the selling process. This not only informs potential buyers that your domain is available for purchase but also helps you capture leads from people who visit the site directly. By showcasing the benefits of owning the specific domain, you can increase interest and potentially attract higher offers. Here is a great video by Michael Cyger from Efty:

Capture Leads from Direct Visitors

A well-designed For-Sale landing page should include a clear call-to-action (CTA) encouraging visitors to inquire about purchasing your domain. You can use various methods to collect visitor information, such as contact forms or email sign-ups. Some popular services that offer customizable For-Sale landing pages are EftyDAN.COM, and Undeveloped. Creating a professional-looking landing page can be accomplished with ease using these platforms.

Showcase Benefits of Owning The Particular Domain

To persuade potential buyers, emphasize why they should invest in your domain name by highlighting its unique features and advantages. Here are some points to consider when creating content for your For-Sale landing page:

  • Keyword-rich domains: Explain how having relevant keywords within the domain name can improve search engine rankings and drive organic traffic.
  • Easily memorable names: Emphasize how short, catchy names are easier for users to remember, leading to better brand recognition and customer loyalty.
  • Brandable domains: Discuss how a unique, brandable domain name can help businesses stand out in their industry and create a strong online presence.
  • Potential growth opportunities: Describe the potential for future development or expansion within the niche your domain targets, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

Crafting a For-Sale page with these features can amplify its appeal and provide prospective buyers insights into the value of owning your domain name. Remember that first impressions matter; make sure your landing page is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and clearly communicates the value of owning the specific domain you’re selling.

Setting up a for-sale landing page is an important step to capture leads from direct visitors and showcase the benefits of owning the particular domain. Utilizing commission-free sales platforms can help content creators save money while gaining exposure through their marketing tools.

Key Takeaway: 

To sell your domain name, set up a For-Sale landing page with a clear call-to-action to capture leads. Highlight the benefits of owning the domain, such as keyword-rich domains, easily memorable names, brandable domains and potential growth opportunities. Remember that first impressions matter; make sure your landing page is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Utilize Commission-Free Sales Platforms

Using commission-free platforms like Efty can help you sell your domain quickly without losing money on fees. These platforms provide exposure for your listing while also offering various marketing tools to increase visibility.

Save Money by Avoiding Commissions with Efty

Efty are excellent options for content creators looking to sell their domain names without paying hefty commissions. By utilizing these platforms, you can retain a greater proportion of your proceeds when selling an expensive domain name. Both Efty have user-friendly interfaces that make it easy for potential buyers to find your listing.

Gain Exposure Through Their Marketing Tools

In addition to being commission-free, both Efty offer various marketing tools designed specifically for promoting domain sales. For example, Efty provides customizable For-Sale landing pages that showcase the benefits of owning a particular domain name, making it easier for potential buyers to see its value.

On the other hand, platforms such as BrandBucket and Squadhelp focuses on curating premium brandable domains in specific niches so that interested buyers can easily find relevant listings.

I hand registered and sold it on Squadhelp:

sold domain on squadhelp

List Your Domain On Aftermarket Websites

Posting your domain on aftermarket websites can be a great way to attract potential buyers for it. These platforms are specifically designed for buying and selling domain names, attracting a large number of potential buyers who are actively searching for valuable domains. In this section, we will discuss some of the top aftermarket websites where you can list your domain name for sale.

GoDaddy Auctions

GoDaddy Auctions is one of the largest and most well-known domain name marketplaces in the industry. Listing your domain on GoDaddy Auctions not only provides increased visibility but also gives you access to their extensive customer base. The platform offers various auction types such as public auctions, offer/counter-offer listings, and buy-it-now options to cater to different seller preferences.


Flippa is another reputable marketplace that specializes in buying and selling digital assets like websites, apps, eCommerce stores, and domain names. Flippa’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for sellers to create an attractive listing with detailed information about their domains while giving buyers comprehensive search filters so they can find exactly what they’re looking for.

I joined Flippa for 6 months and actually published the domains newsletter for a while!


If you have a premium or high-value domain name, NameJet might be the perfect platform for you. Known primarily as an expired-domain auction site , NameJet also allows users to list non-expired domains . This platform attracts serious buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for high-quality domain names.

By listing your domain name on these aftermarket websites, you can significantly increase its visibility and reach a wider audience of potential buyers. Remember to create an appealing and informative listing that highlights the benefits of owning your specific domain, as this will help attract more interested parties and ultimately lead to a successful sale.

By listing your domain on aftermarket websites, you can reach more potential buyers and benefit from increased visibility in niche marketplaces. Engaging with a professional broker is the next step to ensure maximum return for your domain sale.

Key Takeaway: 

To sell your domain name, list it on popular aftermarket websites such as GoDaddy Auctions, Flippa and NameJet. These platforms attract potential buyers actively searching for valuable domains and allow you to reach a wider audience. Creating an informative listing that highlights the benefits of owning your specific domain can help attract more interested parties and lead to a successful sale.

Engage With A Professional Broker

If you own a high-value domain name, consider hiring a professional broker who specializes in selling premium domains at maximum prices. These brokers have extensive network connections within industry circles, ensuring better chances of closing deals successfully.

The Benefits of Hiring a Domain Broker

  • Expertise: Domain brokers possess the knowledge and experience to navigate the complex process of selling your domain name efficiently and effectively.
  • Negotiation Skills: Brokers are skilled negotiators who can help you get the best possible price for your domain while protecting your interests throughout the transaction.
  • Vast Network: An established broker has access to an extensive network of potential buyers that might not be reachable through traditional marketing channels or sales platforms.
  • Anonymity: If desired, professional brokers can maintain confidentiality during negotiations by acting as intermediaries between sellers and buyers without revealing their clients’ identities until necessary.

Finding The Right Domain Broker For You

To find a reputable domain broker, start by researching online reviews and testimonials from previous clients. Look for those with proven track records in handling similar transactions involving valuable domains. Some well-known brokerage firms include Sedo,, Uniregistry,,and DomainAgents. Commission for their services can range from 10-20% of the final sale price, though this fee may be worth it given the potential to get higher sales prices. However, this fee is often justified by the higher sales prices they can achieve through their expertise and connections.

Tips For Working With A Domain Broker

  1. Set Realistic Expectations: Discuss your goals and expectations with your broker upfront to ensure you are both on the same page regarding pricing and timelines.
  2. Maintain Open Communication: Regularly communicate with your broker throughout the process, providing any necessary information or documentation promptly to keep things moving smoothly.
  3. Be Patient: Selling a high-value domain name may take time as it requires finding the right buyer who understands its worth. Trust your broker’s expertise and allow them sufficient time to negotiate on your behalf effectively.

In conclusion,

Key Takeaway: 

Consider hiring a professional domain broker to sell your high-value domain name, as they possess the expertise and negotiation skills required for an efficient and effective sale. Research reputable brokers with proven track records, set realistic expectations, maintain open communication, and be patient throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions Domain Selling Guide

How do you sell domains effectively?

Use online valuation tools like EstiBot or NameBio. Set up a for-sale landing page to capture leads from direct visitors. Utilize commission-free sales platforms like Efty and BrandBucket, list your domain on aftermarket websites such as GoDaddy Auctions, Flippa & NameJet, and engage with a professional broker if needed.

Can you really make money selling domain names?

Yes, it is possible to make money selling domain names. Domain flipping can be profitable when investing in high-quality domains with potential demand. Successful sellers research market trends, choose valuable keyword-rich or brandable domains and utilize effective marketing strategies to reach potential buyers through various channels including commission-free platforms and aftermarket websites.

Is domain squatting illegal?

Note:The term “domain squatting” has been replaced by the more accurate term “cybersquatting”. Cybersquatting refers to registering or using an Internet domain name in bad faith with the intent of profiting from someone else’s trademark. It is considered illegal under the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA) in the United States and similar laws exist in other countries.

Is domain flipping still profitable?

Domain flipping remains profitable when done strategically by identifying valuable domains based on market trends, keywords or branding potential. The key lies in purchasing domains at a low cost and selling them for a higher price. Success in domain flipping requires research, patience, effective marketing strategies and utilizing various platforms to reach potential buyers.


In conclusion, selling a domain requires careful consideration of factors such as its value, landing page setup, sales platforms and brokers. Determining the value of your domain name is crucial in setting an appropriate price point while utilizing commission-free sales platforms like Efty and BrandBucket can help save money on commissions. Listing your domain on aftermarket websites like GoDaddy Auctions or Flippa can increase visibility to potential buyers while engaging with a professional broker may be necessary for high-value domains.

With this Domain Selling Guide in mind, you are now equipped with the knowledge to successfully sell your domains online.