BD024 – Doubling Down


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Ben – 3

We’re actually going to be reducing how often the episodes come out down to once or twice a month whilst we focus on just one business – more on that in the update section.


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(02:50) Ben

Was talking to Hiten Shah the other day, had a great conversation, though it was also an extremely difficult conversation.

He suggested for me to:

  1. go back to my roots
  2. shut down my other projects
  3. stop doing the podcast

I’ve had a few days to think about this, and i’ve concluded that he’s 100% right. hiten is a really smart guy, and so when somebody like that gives me advice, i’m going to listen.

I spent a third of my life building up my tech superpowers. hiten was telling me, “why bother trying to learn new skills now? stick with what you already have, and what you’re already good at.”

Which is two things – wordpress, and cloud computing.

I’m good at both, but it’s become very clear that’s what i need to focus on.

There is a ton of revenue to be had in aws services, and i’m fairly confident that i can make a decent living for myself. also, Hiten said, “if you want to do a podcast, i would much rather see you do one in the aws cloud space, talking about how awesome aws is, and crack jokes about how ridiculous they can be sometimes.”

So even though it sounds like i’m back to square one, i’m really only starting where i left off… which is at the tail end of an 11 year professional career.

I’ve decided to double down on cloud computing instead of wordpress, because it’s just a bigger market. aws posted $4.6b in revenue last year, and is expecting $6b within the next year. As an individual, i’ll probably be trying to close high ticket deals in the range of $25k-$50k, and with a full time developer, those numbers are going to rise into multiple six figure deals (which could still win the competition for me).

I’ll most likely be operating under the name I need to shut down new revenue, because my heart just isn’t in it. probably the same for wp motion.

Also, i’m spending 10 hours per week (40+ hours per month) to produce this podcast, and both of us are no further along than when we started earlier this year. so here’s what i’m proposing: we do 1 episode per month, and we hire a company to do the edit for us. i think this will enable both of us to put out a much higher quality episodes in a fraction of the time, yet still keep the dream alive.

He said, “you’re in the most competitive and saturated startup category that exists. and even if you create a great course or ebook, your audience doesn’t have the money that you need to survive right now.”

Anyway, hiten asked me to do him a favor and focus on just one thing.

So that’s what i’m going to do.

(06:05) Rich

Repositioned to content marketing as a service that generates leads, attracts links and builds your audience of prospective customers. My market is going to be small business owners and likely going to be targeting the high end in terms of infusionsoft and hubspot customers – people paying 3 to 4 figs a month on software automation vs the average small business who has a budget for SEO.

Been looking at best way of building a propsect list such as using software tools like builtwith, datanyze, similar tech and nerdydata (shout out to Damian Thompson from for some of those suggestions). Also set myself up on the hubspot CRM and sidekick which has now replaced streak – it’s cool software you can actually a prospecting function within the CRM too.


Ben – outbound emails targeteing fortune 5000 software companies
Rich – Prospecting for funnelengine, content marketing, strategic outbound

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