How To Make $20,170 in 2017 Dropshipping On Shopify

I‘m having a play with my 2nd shopify ecommerce store (having sold my first store last summer – learn how to start an ecommerce business here). I’m learning how best to setup a fully automated dropshipping system, without having to bring in a VA to manually place each order with a supplier like I did last time.

Having worked on a bunch of ecommerce platforms I can confidently say that Shopify is the best ecommerce platform on the market as you don’t need to mess around with an ecommerce website builder, rather choose from their awesome free themes or inexpensive premium themes.

But what is the best dropshipping setup for shopify?

Dropshipping on Shopify

On I was using Printful to be able to offer some funny mugs but you could use also use Teelaunch or Teespring which all integrate with Shopify.

I’ve also just ordered some health and fitness product from Ali Express to see if it’s similar to what I’m currently buying full price on Amazon. If it is then there’s a business opportunity and I’m either going to buy in bulk or contact the supplier and put a logo on it and sell on my own store and possibly on amazon too.

But what if you don’t even know where to start with sourcing a product?

Chris Record gives a great talk on how to pick your product and niche based on researching what others are already selling. For example if you use th search string necklace free plus shipping it will show all the shopify stores that are offering a necklace for free just pay shipping.

Chris then talks about heading to Ali Express to find similar products and then to build an ecommerce funnel and set up your $5 a day facebook ads campaign.

Shopified App is a web app as well as a chrome extension that let’s you add products from Aliexpress or Alibaba directly into the shopify dashboard with 1-Click as shown in the video below.

Chris Bowers the founder of Shopified App gives a super detailed 2 hour long webinar called the Ultimate Guide To Dropshipping with AliExpress below.

Dropshipping Fulfilment

To fulfil you can buy directly from Ali Express yourself (with your own affiliate link) where you’ll need to make sure you include a note asking them to NOT include a packing slip, invoice, pricing or samples with the order – this is known as blind dropshipping where the original source is hidden.

Or you can use software such as Oberlo which allows you to fulfill orders automatically as shown below.

Or you can create a relationship direct with the AliExpress suppliers where they receive order details through an automated email you setup in Shopify dashboard under Settings > Shipping > Fulfillment and dropshipping shown below:

shopify dropshipping

The #2017FlipChallenge

Gary Vaynerchuk recently issues a challenge for people to make $20,170 in 2017 by flipping products and leverage retail arbitrage.

Having your own shopify dropshipping store using any of the methods above is another great way of achieving this.

Do you have experience with dropshipping on shopify? Let me know in the comments below.

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