The Best Website Brokerage is Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is a brokerage and marketplace for buying and selling online businesses.

I’ve now sold two businesses through Empire Flippers, the first was a very small dropship site (listing page here) and the second was a low six figure content site (listing page here).

If you’re looking to sell your website you can use this link to save their $297 listing fee.

I spoke with Justin, the co-founder, when I was hosting the Flipping Websites podcast. We talked about:

  • The rules on whether you can let people know your site is being listed on Empire
  • What factors dramatically affect the multiple used
  • What’s the most common reason sellers give for wanting to exit

If you’re interested in a third party’s review of Empire Flippers, check out the review that Zach Zorn did below.

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