BD023 – In The Bootstrap Penalty Box


Rich – 6

Ben – 5


  • 3 new 5-stars itunes reviews, bam!
  • We have 6 new slack members and we welcome Anthony, Aaron, Ryan, Larry, Nicola from (who left an awesome review), Mike
  • Now up to 82 members in our slack room and it’s free to join for the first 100


(04:20) Ben

  • Visa problems = problems focusing, zero productivity
  • Going to try sending an email to conjure up some sales with WP Motion I’ve talked about this many episodes ago, though I’m finally getting around to this now. Wrote the email, setup the site. Going to run a 48 hour promo and send 1752 emails. Results to follow next week.
  • Got the BSD website setup & ready for selling courseware using, starting building the course outline

(09:55) Rich

  • Just been working on my marketing agency biz with local biz partner, not done anything more on product funnel, building out authority site or building / emailing my list. I know what I need to do, just not had the time
  • Been looking into business multiples as been reading the Millionaire Fastlane and listened to a great episode of Web Agency Podcast where Mat interviews Josh Denning and they were talking about buying up multiple agencies and selling to a public company at far higher multiples. (Mat was on the show back on episode 13) – Has made me realize that the best strategy for me to get to $100k/m may be to build a SWAS style business to $5k/m and flip it for 2-3x profit and get a $50k-100k payday to then invest in the next biz.


Ben – Funnel stuff & finish the damn book already. Maybe going to experiment with Amazon CreateSpace

Rich –

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