BD019 – Freedom Lovin’

This week we chat online products with Kevin Koskella from the Freedom Lovin podcast. Kevin is a Freedom Tycoon who turned his love for competitive swimming into a profitable business in 2003 with and he introduced Rich & Ben in Boulder back in 2013.


Ben – 6

Rich – 7

Kevin – 5 & rising 🙂


  • We have 3 new slack members and we welcome Michael, Justin & Jakob from
  • Now up to 61 members in our slack room and it’s free to join for the first 100. Subscribe here


  • has been Kevin’s main focus – goal is $20k/m in sales. Apparently 10,000 people are paying min $15 a month for the membership site Been going over sales funnel from the start – currently going through  The Machine by Ryan Deiss email autoresponder course. Also signed up to and will be building / moving all the pages to it.
  • Kevin’s transitioned from DVD product (now just the front end product) to a membership site (the upgrade) and he’s trying to maximise membership – currently charging a one time fee, likely moving to monthly or moving price.
  • Kevin running paid ads through facebook to the squeeze page – 1) gives free tips on swimming and an opt-in box right there for lessons and upsells from there or 2) goes straight into newsletter, no lessons. Not running ads to salespage anymore, people not looking to buy on facebook they are there to chat with friends but happy to give away email address for something in return. Kevin is also retargeting on facebook. Previously did Adwords way back in 2005 where was paying 5-10c a click and his list was just exploding. Adwords then didn’t work so well over the years, went up to 50c-$1 a click and now doesn’t make any sense to use adwords anymore; completely switched to facebook for paid acquisition.
  • Kevin’s autoresponder currently has 29 emails with content with a link at the bottom (not too salesey). With The Machine emails it goes through an indoctrination series and at the same time an engagement series – introducing a $7 tripwire product that gets them onto a separate list the then upsells bigger products. Emails being sent are based on what people have done. Kevin uses Infusionsoft for the funnels / campaigns but hard to get data from which is where clickfunnels should come in.
  • Best outcome is that people buy everything straight away – they opt in, then buy the $7 product then on the thank you page they buy the DVD then get an upsell page and buy the membership. Then can come up with affiliate offers to keep selling them something.
  • Kevin used to sell ebooks on but feels they take too much commissions on membership sites and you can’t directly contact your affiliates. On the good flipside clickbank handles all refunds and customer service headaches and helps you get going quickly.
  • Kevin will be testing the new funnel vs the old funnel (50% traffic) – “testing is everything” – has got the book 108 Proven Split Test Winners which mentions things such as how you use the word ‘free’. Every test will give you a very small gain but they all add up to something significant. Thinks all the testing will be way easier in clickfunnels (combination of leadpages + optimizepress + own shopping cart). Kevin actually uses 1 Shopping Cart rather than the component within Infusionsoft but may use the clickfunnels cart. Also tried Samcart which offers 1-click upsells which Infusionsoft doesn’t which you need for info products – this is so customers don’t have to enter the credit card details again, like on amazon)
  • Kevin looking to find a way of teaching listeners & monetizing his podcast with a membership option – started in 2013
  • Ben has had success with a Google Survey to validate his framework (without having them shut it down!) and up to 5000 words with the framework, starting to look like a real product. Will initially be a $50 PDF for first part of framework but as a software guy wants to built something proprietary which will become a higher tier product
  • Rich set up adwords campaign for Unbreak Yourself book but is trying to work out why he is below first page bid even though no-one else is running ads.
  • Kevin mentioned people are having success with Instagram; Rich mentions what people are up to using Vine


Ben – pushing for product launch

Rich – see if can get Adwords working, going to have a look at FB too, also doing blogger outreach

Kevin – all about the funnels baby 🙂

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