Getting Married To Your Goals

Igot married this weekend and it feels good. I don’t know if it’s the freedom that comes from finally closing the question marks from being ‘single’ in the same way that creativity happens when you place limitations on yourself (kidding).

In all seriousness I feel more free and more happy married than I was before. Likewise now I’m focussed on operating as a business owner rather than working in my biz I’m getting more freedom by having the responsibility of staff.

A new habit I’m forming is that every morning now I’m heading to a coffee shop and making myself bash out at least 500 words and hitting publish before I leave. It’s the first thing I do, obviously before jumping on the noise of skype / slack and the danger of emails (aka other people’s to-do lists). So expect a lot more content from me from now on.

My biggest issue right now is what to focus on.

I have an ecommerce biz that I want to sell as it’s isolated from other interests, affiliate offers and funnels that I can tie together in a niche such as health & fitness. (I will be building up next).

However I’m not prepared to sell until I’ve built up the traffic to a level it deserves – I’ve not had the time to give to this yet, but have got a rockstar Customer Service Manager, Krystle, who is helping write all the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that should have been in place before bringing her on.

Likewise with Funnel Engine I’m not sure what the best strategy is. I’m very aware that offering mid-priced productized services (such as $2k a pop) that involve client interaction is the worst place to be due to margins which is why I’ve fully automated the delivery of our sub $1k done for you sales funnel service to Nick, our Head of Operations.

However I think my focus is best spent on signing people up to Clickfunnels for monthly affiliate checks and ensuring they stick through offering a free sales funnel setup service.

Then outside of this I like the fact I’m able to attract and deliver on $20k-30k custom sales funnels for high end clients. I’m in the process of finishing off a high ticket application funnel and I like being in control of who the one client I take on at any one time is (and limiting to 4 in any 1 year).

Once you leave behind the constant hustle and worry of where your next pay check is coming, the big challenge becomes how to be strategic when you haven’t been for years.

And now that I’m married and heading towards a family I’m starting to think long-term – what is my end financial goal? Where do I want to be at 40? At 50? What level of income generating assets will get me to where I want to be?

Do I want to get to $1MM in cash and try and live off the interest or invest in index funds or exchange for an annuity? Or do I end up building and keeping say 5 businesses that each generate $5k/m in profit and cashflow from that rather than going for multiple exits?

One thing is certain, if I’m not clear on my goals and place a timeframe on them I will never get there.


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