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There are many great blockchain marketing companies out there that will help crypto startups launch their ICO, such as the8760.com, and indeed a whole list of crypto marketing agencies can be seen at ICO Bench.

However, with some prices starting at 40BTC, many startups that don’t have a huge marketing budget will have to bootstrap and hustle instead, or decide to take their crypto marketing in-house.

And if you fit that description I have THE product for you.

Filter Crypto Sites & Groups By Metrics

I have been heavily in the crypto space for well over a year now. I’ve invested in over 100 different altcoins and as a marketer I have researched this new crypto niche in terms of monetization and link opportunities.

As such I have ended up with a huge google sheet that breaks down the top crypto sites and ICO listing sites and crucially filters by:

  • Search traffic – to see if you can expect any referral traffic from having an article published on the site
  • Domain authority – to see if the site is authoritative enough to warrant getting a link from

This way you can prioritize your marketing investment. i.e. does that ICO listing site pitching you actually have any traffic or is it brand new? You will be armed with the info you need to make the best decisions! It is also color coded for quick reference:

Next to each crypto site there are notes on its paid offering and next to each ICO listing site are notes on whether you need to pay to be listed or if it is free.

Inside this Google sheet which is constantly updated are also tabs for crypto:

  • Facebook groups
  • Subreddits
  • Slack communities
  • Meetups
  • Telegram Communities
  • Youtube Channels
  • Crypto Twitter Influencers

Next to every entry are columns to track whether you have reached out to a community:

The ICO Marketing Playbook gives you every marketing angle you need to bring eyeballs to your ICO, just $299.

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