What Does Your Ideal Business Look Like?

Hi from the Hatch coworking space here in Portland, Oregon

Yesterday I finally met up with a long time internet and now in real life friend (IRL as the kids say) Jordan Gal.

Jordan is the co-founder of Carthook which is a SaaS that helps ecommerce stores capture more revenue from every visit. He is also the co-host of Bootstrapped Web podcast – check out my 8 top podcasts for bootstappers.

We were working out ways we could collaborate to help sell Carthook, software with a service (SWAS) style.

What was particularly interesting was when we were figuring out what the ideal business looked like for both of us. Did we want to have to support hundreds of software customers (which would be a pure affiliate play for me) or instead focus on bringing in a much smaller number of clients who are serious ecommerce store owners that could pay 5-10x the monthly standard software subscription?

With Funnel Engine I created productized low priced packages as a volume play but the level of support and customization required is not being offset enough in my opinion by the monthly clickfunnels affiliate commission (which averages $45/m per customer).

As mentioned in my previous posts here and here, my financial goal is maximizing cash flow today (rather than focusing on monthly recurring revenue) and high ticket clients are a lot more profitable and require disproportionately less support.

Going forward my focus is on picking up additional $20k+ clients and I’m about to launch a new product based on the survey responses I received from profiling my own audience on what your biggest problems are.

The things you guys said you were struggling with the most were finding customers, building your own audience, getting into the right mindset for picking up better and more valuable customers and setting prices. You also said that the preferred learning style for this would be coaching.

As such I will at some point be launching a coaching program ‘Ideal Customer Lab’ where I help people understand who their ideal customers or clients are, position their business and then create a funnel that pre sells them. (don’t worry, I’m not becoming a life coach)

It will be a mixture of private coaching calls, weekly group Google Hangouts and a private slack community from $250/m (member discounts for quarterly and yearly subscriptions). For this first wave I’ll be taking on a maximum of 5 people offered on a first come first served basis.

Be first to know when this coaching opens by signing up at the pre launch page >> https://products.richardpatey.com/ideal-customer-lab

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