BD003 – Launch!

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1:00 – Rich mentions location independence and the fact “you don’t need an office, you don’t need a loan and you definitely don’t need a £27k business degree” on a local TV appearance

4:48 – how December sucks financially for bootstrappers trying to build shit

5:33 – Rich client woes

09:30 – how you need at least $2k of lifetime value before you get on the phone with a prospect (and why the ski B2C game sucks)

10:05 – Rich chooses the accountancy niche for 4 fig retainers

14:10 – trying to figure out how to keep ongoing inbound retainers, solution is to combine with outbound sales

14:50 – talking of 6 month programmes, mention Damian Thomson from Demand Genesis and Brennan Dunn

17:57 – Ben’s going to be focussing on inbound for the legal niche (and actually a niche within the attorney niche) and thinking 6 month campaigns too including setting up LI campaigns.

27:27 – Ben thinking of selling software upsell

28:33 – How WP Curve are now thinking about building out software that automates their service. Services + software is where it’s at.

30:11 – follow your passion? Not to poverty! Pick a niche with decent margins.

31:58 – Ben celebrates one year on since quitting his job (Rich pissed it’s taken him 5 years). How having savings is a good idea when you quit and have no income!

36:50 – not wanting to waste a day vs being aware of burnout

40:30 – how it’s hard for a bootstrapper to turn down MRR (even when taking you in wrong direction)

Subscribe to download the PDF Strategy Mindmap here.

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