Let’s make Norwich ‘England’s other city’ for startups

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Right now a big passion of mine is the tech startup space. It’s a space which combines the social purpose of the social enterprise movement (a term that’s ironically being adopted by the social business space e.g. Salesforce), in terms of having a positive impact through technology, with the greatest innovation and disruption in new and tired markets.

So it’s fantastic that on Thursday I was there for the launch of SyncNorwich – Norwich’s tech & startup community hosted by Blurtit, an online Q&A community created by serial entrepreneur and angel investor Tim O’Shea that’s killing it in terms of both the scale of the global community it has created and advertising revenue.

An equal passion is encouraging people in Norfolk to startup generally (tech or not) with Startup Norfolk and being the Startup Britain local champion for Norfolk which is an entrepreneur led, privately funded campaign from great sponsors such as Paypal and Dell.

I want to turn Startup Norfolk from a vlogging site into a new style of enterprise agency for the digital age with rockstar mentors – local, inspiring entrepreneurs who have actually achieved success – and lean-style startup courses to support people to rapidly prototype their ideas and understand the mechanics of starting a business. I want to live in a City where there are regular startup weekends, monthly pitches to panels of local angel investors and coffee shops filled with young people excited about turning their ideas into reality. I want to see a high-profile, well branded incubator space / accelerator program in the City Centre.

In short I want to see Norwich become ‘England’s other city’ for startups; to be part of a confident community that is second to London’s Silicon Roundabout!

To focus where we can get to I think a great aim would be to feature on the This Week In Startups – the best startup show on the net by Jason Calacanis – International Meetup Cup which pits cities across the globe against each other with three pitches each to win the gold. There was a recent head-t0-head of London vs Berlin with London winning but the most hilarious pitch ever going to Berlin featuring a mankini!


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