BD004 – Gaining Momentum

1:10 – new episode every monday (that’s the plan)


  • ZirconCode from Reddit says: “I want to say gimmicky, but actually quite inspiring.”
  •  @TheCraigHewitt: Just subscribed to the @bootstrapduel podcast and can’t wait to catch up on the first few episodes. Absolutely brilliant #podcast concept!
  • Had a clarification from DT of that they aim to keep people long term, just that they scope out the first 3-6 months of their demand generation offering.
  •  Thanks to Dustin Overbeck and Adrijus Guscia from the DC for the kind words on twitter.
  • Great to have Justin McGill in our slack room – the guy is a baller, 7 fig agency now productized outbound based on software he’s built. And our first review, although thanks to iTunes, we can’t see it yet.

3:20 – shoutout to our 10 newest Slack room members:

  1. Michael Buckbee from
  2. Justin McGill from
  3. Boris Yankov
  4. Christina Ansbjerg
  5. Dustin Overbeck
  6. Jamil Velji
  7. Nikita Sawinyh
  8. Shaun Church
  9. Stuart Hinson
  10. Bruce
  11. BONUS 11th – Neil DeGrasse Tyson – ask him anything 😉

4:44 – FAILS / WINS Rich Update

  • FAIL – launched at exactly wrong time of year. emailed 500 quickbooks consultants, pissed most of them off so that’s a fail!
  • Remodelled to target marketing agencies – should have realized agencies natural fit / first customer.
  • WIN – finished first productize customer and upsold and created a new wordpress launch kit for $499, gonna be reselling Divi and my productized template.

7:45 – Ben Update

  • FAIL – screwed up first 4 recordings for this episode!
  • FAIL – emailed about 100 attorneys but bad response due to quality of list.
  • WIN – fixed bugs with
  • WIN – turned down two projects that didn’t fit focus.
  • FAIL – on our about page, I have not been able to convince our listeners there is so much as a ray of hope that I’ll win this competition. To the two who have voted for me so far, you are the smartest people in our audience.

Next week in 30 seconds

11:30 – Rich – prospecting 100% focussed on marketing agencies and completing work to get case study.

12:20 – Ben – focussed on outbound email for attorneys, focussed on who is spending on adwords vs listing in a directory (great filter). Both focussed on closing our first 4 figs monthly subscription.

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