BD005 – Month One


0:56 – Shoutout to our 3 newest Slack members:

  1. Casey Rosengren from
  2. Paul Kang from
  3. Mark from

1:27 – Our 3 newest twitter followers:

  1. Travis Bennett from
  2. Shayna from
  3. Perry Rosenbloom from – therapist website design

1:52 – Rich looking to get into the wordpress website niche game

2:22 – Still can’t see itunes reviews so if people wouldn’t mind going there and hitting 5 stars we’d really appreciate it 🙂

January Revenue Update

2:45 – Rich: $5000 total, $2800 monthly recurring revenue (outbound product on and ski / ppc products), one off $2200 ( and

3:46 – Ben: $2200 total, $1950 recurring revenue from and first customer of

Fails & Wins

5;29 – Ben FAIL – failure to give himself priority over everything else = burnout

6:45 – Rich FAIL – not been able to launch customer’s productized new website so can’t create case study / write blog post yet to get more

7:48 – Ben WIN – Got an outstanding invoice paid which is good as INVOICES SUCK. Need to set up stripe subscriptions.

8:26 – Rich WIN – been able to complete the lead capture product on for customer so now able to create case study to use with other marketing agencies.

9:07 – Ben FAIL – need to manage client expectations but hard to do when relying on them for first testimonial / case study

10:11 – Rich FAIL – reached out to 10 agency owners on linked in through a combination of personalised connection request and inmail and none responded1

11:47 – Ben WIN – Ben paying VA $2 an hr to click on business ads, it’s going well 😉

12:38 – Rich WIN – connected with some great people who have referred me leads to follow up with, one was SaaS, one marketing agency – thanks Justin McGill & Jason Swenk, both of whom have built and exited from 7 fig agencies.

14:00 – Ben 2 part WIN – 1) Finalized autoresponder campaign for New Revenue: 7 emails, 4000 words. 2) Landing page for New Revenue. Going to send a small amount of PPC traffic and split test effectiveness.

Next week in 30 seconds

15:53 Ben – going to get a few people into his email sequence.

Rich – gonna jump on the phone with the agency owners who didn’t get back to me on linkedin and start prospecing again for


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