16 Niche Website Challenges & Live Case Studies

Niche Website Examples

Successful niche sites are all over the SERPs.

Type in almost any “best X for Y” keywords ” into Google and the chances are at least one niche content site appears, topically focussed purely on that product category. For example the site digitalnomadsoul.com has the featured snippet for “best backpacks for nomads”:

Niche Website Challenges

There have been a lot of niche site challenges over the years including live case studies happening right now.

  1. In late 2010 Pat Flynn was challenged by a friend to create a niche website from scratch to see if I could get it ranked in Google and start to earn an income from it. The first Niche Site Duel was born, followed by Niche Site Duel 2.0 in 2013.

  2. Then early in 2013 Spencer Haws from Niche Pursuits decided to build a niche site from scratch in front of everyone with his Niche Site Project 1 where he built a successful Best Survival Knife Guide site and documented the entire process.

  3. This success was followed by Niche Site Project 2 later in 2013 where Spencer launched an application process to coach someone to build their own niche site and where Perrin became the winning applicant. The goal was to build a niche site making $500/month or more after 6 months from organic traffic. Perrin achieved this with his site A Penny Shaved and cracked over $1400/m by month 5; he’s has since gone on to focus on building authority sites with the guys at Authority Hacker.

  4. Then back in late 2015 Spencer announced the Niche Site Project 3.0 with 3 coaches and 3 students and a huge amount of blog and podcast content around this was created archived here.

  5. Back in August 2015, Tung Tran from Cloudliving and AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp fame posted that he was doing a $10k challenge to build out a profitable authority site from scratch. The site is Thank Your Skin and you can see his latest May 2017 update here where he is at over $6k/m income.

  6. Dom from Human Proof Designs launched an Over The Shoulder Membership where he’s building a brand new site from $0 to $10,000 in front of a small private group of website building students.

  7. Chris Yates from Rhodium Weekend was doing a $250k online asset challenge which he is documenting on his great podcast. You can hear him first mention the challenge at the end of his interview with Neil Patel about his $100k challenge.

  8. Jon Haver from Authority Website Income has an awesome Mortgage Crushing Challenge where he’s adding a solid earning affiliate site to his portfolio that covers mortgage payments!

  9. Kevin Graham from Bulk Buy Hosting is did a Starting From Scratch case study where he is doing monthly income reports. Kevin documented a site he bought from Human Proof Designs where he focussed on amazon associates income and broke down his exact spend.

  10. Doug Cunnington from nichesiteproject.com and ran Project Go White Hat – Selling a Niche Site For Over $500,000 where the latest update is about having listed on Empire Flippers and choosing from multiple offers with different earn out criteria. It’s a phenomenal series of updates where Doug is very transparent on the mistakes they make.

  11. Neil Patel announced back in 2015 that he was going to do a public $100k/m challenge with an authority site called Nutrition Secrets and successfully got there in March 2016.

  12. Back in July 2018, Spencer launched Niche Site Project 4 and as of March 2020 earned $3k in revenue putting it at a six figure asset in just over 18 months!

  13. Andrej from Alpha Investors launched a new live case study where you can watch him grow a new site to $150k within 18 months.

  14. I launched the Content Site Challenge over in the Flipping Websites facebook group on 1st August 2019 which runs for 12 months. People had a $10k budget to invest into the asset and the winner being the site which brings in the highest average last 6 months (L6M) total revenue. With investing in websites, I recommend building out on an aged domain (which you can find on ODYS) to skip the sandbox.

  15. The Niche Website Builders guys have launched their Niche Empire Project back in 2018 and in 2019 launched a Live Case Study for the site Pomade Guide.

  16. ‎Don Giancana‎ from Niche Site Vault started a 100k Project Challenge aiming to hit $1000 in earnings in one year. he breaks down his goals, earnings and next steps really well.
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