BD013 – Niche Selection with Mat Newton from Web Agency Podcast (WAP072)

This is our first guest episode but don’t worry folks this isn’t turning into an interview podcast 😉 We welcome Mat Newton to the show from Tourism Tiger (websites for tour & Activity operators) and host of the Web Agency Podcast. Mat is an online marketer and entrepreneur and member of our location independent entrepreneur community the Dynamite Circle, to talk about niche selection and what he’s up to in the tourism space.

Poor Ben had to edit 4 tracks with this one (3 local recordings and 1 skype call) and did a great job (check the screenshot from Adobe Audition below!) but the internet was lagging a lot so the audio in the middle is a little bit hit and miss but it’s solid at the end where the best part of the discussion is 🙂


Rich – 6/10 – felt ok, will lead to good stuff but nothing that exciting or closing

Ben – 5/10 – decent week, no additional income

Mat – 4/10 – set a bunch of goals, didn’t make enough / progress business as much as liked, being dragged into project management side (Rich then asked the Alex Blumberg on The Tim Ferriss Podcast Part 2 interview on Creative Live question: “So how did that make you feel”!)


08:38 – Mat’s background working with Australian marketing agency and why had to leave

11:00 – Mat’s journey into consultancy in the tourism space

11:38 – Mat’s investment in adsense websites with internationalisation of content before Goog came along…

16:20 – Mat’s realisation of not being vulnerable to Google again (similar to Jason Calacanis experience with what happened to Mahalo) – best way to do that is have a brand.

16:47 – Reason for starting Mat’s Web Agency Podcast with his brother Ben in terms of offering an internet marketing whitelabel productized service but realised not for him. Then thought about typical problems of consultancy clients and biggest problem was crappy websites built by web designers who knew nothing about online marketing or conversion rate optimisation


17:52 – “That’s like having an interior decorator build your house”

[Inspired by Insights from Tyler back in the day on This Week In Startups]

18:28 – How Mat thought about offer productized websites at same time discovered Restaurant Engine by Brian Casel from Bootstrapped Web podcast. Rich thinking about websites for ski chalets but our slack member Mark from got there first 🙂

19:53 – Mat: “I think most web designers have their model completely wrong. Are you in the business to make designs or are you in the business to help people have a business that makes money. As a web designer you should be selling a monthly service.

20:45 – how if most marketing channels fail, only need one to get traction – content marketing in Mat’s case after getting into Startup Chile. Mat wrote a book Sell More Tours and doing guest blogging with partner agencies.

23:00 – Mat upselling productized marketing services on top of the website

24:34 – Mat chose Tourism Tiger rather than Tour Tiger to give flexibility to broaden niche out as looking to go into accommodation space next

25:55 – How to determine best B2B niches (Dentists baby) – Mat was looking at the accountant niche too but the content is so tiring

29:20 – Mat’s book pricing strategy on Amazon

29:40 – how Mat got involved in Startup Chile and how building his distributed team

31:25 – how and why Mat is building on top of WordPress + Genesis + advanced custom fields

33:32 – WP Curve + website model – any changes to people’s site they can email it through

34:18 – how customers should be licensing the web software and not be able to port their site to another server

35:00 – discussion around pricing strategy, reselling tour software or affiliate model

36:25 – Ben asks if exit in mind next couple of years

37:28 – income and referral goals

37:56 – Mat set up Linked In Group to demonstrate authority and will be running ads to get people into the group

38:28 – Rich’s realisation that the ski niche within a travel niche is a niche too far

38:50 – how Mat’s role is content, bus dev and sales process

41:00 – discussion about margins and cashflow and how online marketing platforms can get acquired


Zero to Scale Podcast by our slack member Justin McGill of launching 2nd April with co-host Greg Hickman

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Ben – launching more campaigns in various niches…?!

Mat – Company retreat and planning session, website launch process, write FAQs for clients.

Rich – transitioning from a productized done-for-you service to a leadgen model 


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