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Hand-picked content site deals, exclusive content and process templates to make you a more profitable website investor – direct to your inbox every Wednesday 6pm UTC

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Hand-picked Deals

Save time scouring the market. I hand-pick the best on-market and off-market content site deals from the brokerages and platforms. PLUS private deal flow from my personal network of fellow website builders looking to sell direct to the list. I give my thoughts on the assets and then refer you directly to the broker / seller.

Exclusive Content & AMA

Listen to conversations with top website builders and investors on how they are achieving their success and get a written summary for you to take action on. Plus access to ask me anything via email. Plus a trello board with my recommended suppliers for content, links and starter sites / domains.

Live Website Operation Templates

Get detailed, step-by step process templates to operate content sites (for yield or for growth) that you can run yourself or give to your team. The templates are constantly updated in Process Street and require no expertise so even a VA can run them.

Example Clip From An Exclusive Interview

Since I’ve become seriously involved in website flipping / investing, Richard's podcasts and blog have been a great influence. I’ve spoken to him many times on the phone about different ideas and models and his 100k into 1million post was actually the inspiration for my new website investment fund!
Richard and I worked together on an authority site where he paired me (the operator) with an investor. Working with him has been a great experience, and I am glad to have found someone I can call a true friend in the industry!

Who Is This Patey Guy?

I’ve built and sold content sites through FE International and Empire Flippers. I’ve partnered with investors as the operator and I’ve matched investors with operators. I created the Flipping Websites brand, facebook group and podcast, sold the business to Alpha Investors and stayed on for three months as Director of Acquisitions. I truly get the business of buying, operating and selling websites and where the website industry is heading. Find out more about my entrepreneurial and investing in website journey on the about page.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

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Patey premium is inspired by all the amazing email newsletters that Chris Osborne from kintu.co has built (such as growthlist.co) and sold (such as Founders Grid to Travis Jameson over at https://smash.vc/founders-grid/). Patey Premium is sent direct to your inbox every Wednesday 6pm UTC (starting 8th January 2020).

I feature any good content site deals from micro acquisitions (under $10k) to 7 figures and beyond. 

I have a good relationship with brokerages and specifically get access to Empire Flippers listings, who have the highest volume of content site listings. Plus I also get access to private deals through my brand, reputation and network. 

No. I hand pick the top deals and give my own thoughts on the asset, however investors will need to do their own due diligence or use a 3rd party company such as Onfolio. However investors can email me with specific questions which I will answer. I do not offer any guarantees for a profitable acquisition or accept any liability – as always with investing, your capital is at risk.

No. What’s great about this model is that unlike most public or private marketplaces, sellers have their URL protected. This is good for investors too as it means that hundreds of people haven’t all seen the site. 

No. I do not offer any kind of supply-side brokerage such as Empire Flippers or buy-side assisted purchase such as at Alpha Investors. For private deals, I recommend investors use escrow.com.

No. The only fee is the monthly subscription. 

No. I do not accept any payment to promote a private deal to my list – this way it enables me to stay objective and there is no conflict of interest.

Yes. Just hit reply to any email and I’ll respond, whether that’s questions about a specific deal or advice on how to grow a portfolio. 

You will receive operational process templates for both cashflow and for growth. These enable you to manage your portfolio of sites in-house. The SOPs break down each activity into individual steps so that a non-expert staff member such as a VA can run them. SOPs will be released on site audits, keyword research, content creation, link-building and maintenance – everything required to maintain cashflow and generate upside. These templates are updated live in Process Street where you can run them as checklists, or can be exported as a PDF.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Example Website Operations Process Template

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Paid Newsletter For Active Website Investors