BD009 – To Price On Cost Or Value?



Rich – 7 – he’s back in the abundant mindset again, seeing opportunity everywhere 🙂

Ben – 5 (caught virus from Rich last week)



Ben – $1400 from new revenue client ( SaaS income is quarterly)

Rich – $4600

  • $1600
  • $2900
  • Affiliate income: $100
  • ( monthly outbound payment counted last month)



  • Great to get a comment from Dan Andrews on our MRR episode suggesting the winner of this duel needs 2 back to back $100k months – we agree.
  • Shoutout to our newest Slack members Scotty & Jeffrey who says “I’m in the process of creating a new website based on inspiration from Bootstrap Duel!” and he wants to challenge us which is great.
  • We’re now up to 24 members and it’s free to join for the first 100. Subscribe here. There have been some great discussion over the last week – great advice from Chris about getting your first 10 customers in the productizing channel and Fredrick has been dropping value bombs in the leadgen channel.



  • BP: Emailed a teardown video a Canadian legal company’s marketing brochure . 11 opens, 8 unique, 3 video views, 1 followup sent, 0 response – however can at least use and post the video content being created in his LI group.

09:23 RP:

  • February has been about building pipeline. Got more work from ski customers, have been working on closing a couple of ski inbound leads and have taken on a new ecommerce / shopify customer under the business
  • Taken prices off so now pricing on value of the transformative change to the business from a lead capture & inbound marketing strategy. Realised losing a ton of value pricing on cost rather than tailoring the pricing based on the value of a lead. Business owner shouldn’t care what you are actually doing each month to get the result (i.e. X links per month). Doesn’t want to be competing on cost anymore as you do with pricing tables.
  • Going forward going to be focussing on businesses whose customers are worth multiple six figs a year to get a commission of that and has had positive discussions with a potential customer under this arrangement for
  • With have removed the outbound sales component and am now only offering PPC management and lead capture as a service, going to be hosting and owning the landing page and/or Adwords account so that customer rents the results month on month. Had first accountant agree to come on to trial lead capture product for month with very low fee / ad spend which can use as first case study.



Ben – Going to email 2 more teardowns and going to start validating 2 ideas for software products. Also want to write an article and needs to rewrite his autoresponder.

Rich – continuing to build pipeline for all biz, setting up first accountantengine paying customer, going to be trialing the rainmaker platform and keep following up with a local lead that’s gone AWOL until they tell me to stop contacting them. Possibly relaunching his ecommerce site again as got an inbound lead (without any website to purchase through) and keyword traffic now 3x what it was when closed the biz 18 months ago.


What type of pricing are you most familiar with? Do you think pricing based on value instead of cost is a good idea? We’d love to hear your take in the comments below. Thanks


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