BD015 – Don’t Be An Idiot, Create A Product


Ben – 6 – mentally bounced back

Rich – 6 – slow recovery from focussing on clients


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(04:18) Ben

  • Been trying to figure out the answer to this question – “are people going to buy my product?”
  • Over the course of the week, he’s going to be working on this product and building out the website. As a bonus for our slack members Ben is going to be privately launching this product in search of feedback & testimonials.

Basically in my opinion – everybody should have a product – if you don’t have a product right now you’re an idiot.

  • Which basically means that both Ben & Richard are currently idiots.
  • With MRR business Ben is maintaining at the moment but not sure which software business to double down on. Ben just got signed up with Drip and is really impressed with the product – “it’s like Stripe for email” and Rob the founder hired a developer to create it for him. Ben wants to do something at that level but not at such a competitive market.

(13:02) Rich

  • Ski customer has agreed to test the multi-site he’s building which will integrate with chalet booking software.
  • Have installed Genesis, been picking out themes that could work. Name he’s going to be doing this under is and this will be the only services type business he’ll be working on.
  • Also been thinking about products, both ebook digital and whitelabel physical on amazon, been learning about how SEO works there – shout out to DCers Andrew Youderian on the latest Ecommerce Fuel Podcast and Travis Jameson of


Ben – try and get first version of product framework set up and use it to create his first product (pretty meta huh)

Rich – landing page and multisite for up to show first customer

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