BD020 – Profit Is Good


Have had feedback from slack community about this feeling section on how the podcast is kinda losing its focus on hitting 100k a month. Thing is our MRR won’t inspire anyone right now as we decided on episode 14 to start from 0.

Ben – 7

Rich – 7


  • We have 7 new slack members and we welcome Jeremy, Ed, Val & Emma
  • We have launched the Bootstrap Duel Members Directory which is great as now know who’s working on what and the skill set of the community.
  • Now up to 68 members in our slack room and it’s free to join for the first 100 – just subscribe here
  • Also if you’d like to leave us a review you can be awesome by clicking here.



Had a very decent week, but was unable to ship my product due to heavy content requirements and financial overhead.


  1. Finally had a couple of clicks on adwords without raising the CPC to above 50p but realised need to create an actual funnel that works before I start paying for traffic, in the form of a video squeeze page and email autoresponder course that converts.
  2. Met with a product design consultancy here in norwich about kickstarter campaigns as wanting to do a stand-up desk but the reality is that it will take 2-3 months to get a working prototype which you need in order to even be able to run a campaign and I need to both make some money from the posture product and build my email list from it first.
  3. Need to focus on the book first then bigger wins. Patience.
  4. Recently started listening to Build My Online Store with Terry Lin who’s currently doing a kickstarter for his Black Turtle Laptop Sleeve


Next episode we want to find 10 super profitable bootstrap businesses that are crushing it that we can try and emulate. Rich isn’t going to be doing websites as a service under, ben isn’t building a SWAS with – WE NEED TO THINK BIG as discussed on episode 18.

If any baller bootstraped businesses come to mind just leave us a comment below 🙂


Ben – getting product validation framework ready for slack members to give feedback

Rich – setting up video squeeze page funnel for facebook ads for Unbreak Yourself book

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