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[I no longer host with speedkills, I’ve moved over to WP Engine ­čÖé ]

I’ve always been a fan of zero sum games. From trying to make it as a professional poker player to more recently getting back into chess (I’m ‘snowbistro’ on chess.com if interested in a game) to now focusing on ranking my authority sites, it’s all about beating the competition.

And I now have a big edge.

I’ve always felt strong with content and now I’m dialing in content promotion (thanks to Justin McGill on the recent episode of Zero to Scale) I’m becoming better at out-competing others. However my┬ábig gun is that my sites will load faster than anyone’s and maintain uptime due to going with a new managed hosting as a service partner┬áspeedkills.io founded by my buddy and membership site expert Vic Dorfman.

Being fully managed means I no longer get any cryptic (to me as a non-techy at least) warning emails from hosts that I know I shouldn’t ignore but frequently did such as this one:


Instead I now get to look forward to weekly update emails that let me know what optimisation and improvements have taken place:


The video below explains their value prop:

Why this ‘managed hosting as a service’ hasn’t been offered before I have no idea, it’s such a no brainer; to free up your time and worry I’d highly recommend signing up.

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