BD001 – Pilot Episode

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Welcome to our entrepreneurial journey! We’re building SaaS, productized services and products baby to see who can get to $100k/m first – the winner gets $10k from the loser.

1:00 – November 2014 pre-launch income and work update. Rich moving out of B2C

2:55 – how to get to $100k/m?! Ben will be selling the services of his SaaS rather than the actual Saas, i.e. $50/m SaaS = 2000 customers, $2500k/m productized service = 40 customers. Rich $5k/m inbound & outbound packages = 20 customers. Need to split the value up over a number of months vs front-loading the value.

6:18 – how long will this thing take?! We both have procedures and VAs in place to scale fast so thinking 12-18 months

7:44 – actual delivery no-where near as hard as acquiring the customers

8:26 – we’ll be setting up a private slack room community and invite you listener to join us 🙂

8:55 – how we’re going to punish each other with that $10k

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