Startups, sandals and self-publishing

I’m currently living in The VillageĀ  which is a community of social and impact entrepreneurs that’s grown out of the Unreasonable Institute social incubator who gives out a penguin (the best incubators in the world) to each of their mentors.

Living with other entrepreneurs is massively motivating and good for my work ethic in terms of being around people getting shit done such as Phil Drolet from The Feel Good Lifestyle who does late night evening sessions and is super disciplined on top of being a thoroughly nice guy.

Over the last week I’ve connected with some great people. Fellow DCer Kevin (who’s left these mountains for the warm sea of San Diego) introduced me to the super impressive online marketing and biz dev expert Alaina McBride and it’s been great talking through business ideas with her. She helped put on the Startup Phenomenon Women event at CU where it was good to hear Brad Feld speak about building entrepreneurial communities.

I’ve been working from my new favourite coffee shop Ozo which is full of MacBooks and talk of APIs as there’s so many startup companies nearby such as SendGrid. I’ve been able to finish writing my book on location independence and have got very close to finishing the editing (with help from my editor / mother!). I’m aiming on uploading it to Amazon Create Space & Kindle Direct tomorrow. Next step is to get it on the shelves of Barnes & Noble and Waterstones back in the UK.


One of the biggest people on my list to meet up with in Boulder was top copywriter and product / software entrepreneur Andy Drish from The Foundation. I got to have a drink with him on the roof terrace of a downtown bar, really nice guy and I look forward to reconnecting in the near future when I feel like I have value to exchange – I’m going deep on landing pages, opt-ins and conversions over the next couple of months.

A couple of days ago I went to the office of Xero Shoes – the barefoot wear company who I first saw on the Shark Tank (US version of Dragon’s Den) – and got myself some shoes which I very proudly and successfully laced.

Then this morning I went for a hike in my Xero’s as the forecast looked like it was about to change dramatically from the hot sunny weather; it was correct as there’s now a decent storm outside!

After printing 99 iphone panorama photos this is the first one I want to get for myself! I have sorted out the US printing and fulfilment with an impressive outfit here in Boulder so no more going to the postbox and shipping overseas for me – automation baby!

Next up Las Vegas!


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