BD002 – High Level Strategies

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1:12 LinkedIn Groups – Rich failed with first attempt at but is a great channel for generating inbound leads and positioning yourself as an authority. We’ll likely be launching separate LI groups for our niche businesses but may collaborate (Bootstrap Cooperation podcast?!) Invite Josh Turner from to teach us! How do we use VAs with this?

6:33 using Virtual Assistants – Rich successfully recruited off oDesk, is now writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for every part of his business that can be delivered by others such as SEO article rewriting and guest outreach. Discussion about ideal tasks and how the SOP is the training.

12:00 Webinars – great way to deliver a ton content in a live environment to a lot of potential customers. Rich has done one previously and failed pretty hard but knows they can convert well!

13:37 Sales – Ben as a tech person has historically hated salespeople but now realises he needs to become a salesperson himself. Both have read Predictable Revenue and recommend it. Rich has been sending out 100 prospecting emails a day using Ben’s SaaS – achieving 15%-18% reply rates. Maybe will be doing some lumpy mail too. Objective is to get people on the phone.

19:15 Crafting the offer – trying to find the ideal formula for creating an offer that people cannot turn down / high level of interest by a prospect. This is pure copywriting, the words you are using to first get attention, need to master it.

21:49 Systemizing your business and as the founder, only focussing on the high value / revenue work.

Subscribe to download the PDF Strategy Mindmap here.

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