My Top Business Podcasts For Bootstrappers

Kim Doyal from the WPChick asked me on Twitter yesterday what business podcasts I listen to and as questions are contentI thought I’d do a post about it.

In this post are the podcasts for bootstrappers I listen to religiously and it’s interesting to see that most are part of the Dynamite Circle that I’m a member of.

The Freedom Lovin Podcast by Kevin Koskella is about creating more freedom in our lives and is a great mix of internet marketing, travel and mindset. It was great to meet Kevin in Boulder back in 2013 who introduced me to Ben Perove who I now do the Bootstrap Duel podcast with (yup it’s a small world). I got interviewed about my book on the show back on episode 18.

The Tropical MBA Podcast by Dan & Ian was the first podcast I got into and a big factor in getting me pointed in the right direction with my entrepreneurial journey. I’ve been listening since the Lifestyle Business Podcast days back in 2011 and the episode with Damian Thompson on Productizing Services was gamechanging for me.

The Bootstrapped Web podcast by Brian Casel & Jordan Gal is a longer form podcast that goes deep on a particular issue each week such as SAAS pricing or sales funnels (both great episodes) and I really like the updates on their own businesses, Brian with his productized website as a service business and my buddy Jordan with his SaaS

Startups For The Rest Of Us has a huge following in the SAAS world as co-host Rob Walling is one of the most successful and highest profile bootstrapping software guys around. It’s great hearing updates from his current startup Drip, which I’m a customer of (I wrote a post on why I left Mailchimp for Drip), and I’ve learned a ton from the level of detail Rob and co-host Mike go into in terms of SAAS metrics and customer service retention.

The Ecommerce Fuel podcast by Andrew Youderian has been great for me when I was focussed on my ecommerce print business and I loved his latest episode on selling on Amazon and how to source whitelabel products combined with high end boxes from packaging manufacturers to add huge value and get an edge on the competition. Andrew creates a really well produced podcast every way, he’s been at this a long time and it shows.

In the Build & Launch podcast, Justin Jackson launches a new product idea every week and has massively inspired me to look again at creating my own products. Justin has created a large number of books and guides on gumroad and has launched a number of software products as well. And he broadcasts out of a small town called Vernon in British Columbia that me and a buddy drove through on a road trip around BC when we were doing a ski season in Whistler so it’s great to connect that way.

And last is my very own Freedom Flipping Podcast which is all about building up and selling websites to achieve financial freedom. I talk with the best in this online business market game to find out which online businesses to start and how best to position to sell.

What’s your favourite bootstrapping podcast? Are there any I’ve missed / not listening to? Love to hear feedback in the comments.

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