BD016 – To Validate, Or Not To Validate, That Is The Question


Ben – 7

Rich – 7


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(03:30) UPDATE


Not been able to add new client site on my multisite. Can’t domain map as can’t install on subdomain as primary site in my cpanel is

Fulfilled few panorama prints but likely closing down print biz end of month, it’s just a distraction, although rankings have jumped a whole page due to adding new content, just chopped up the FAQ questions into individual pages on the advice of a local entrepreneur friend who runs a drop shipping biz and recommends doing this. It works.

Been writing a 2nd book (one with an actual search audience) about how digital nomads can fix their posture. Sales page has been created, pre order page on gumroad ready for launch on Wed 29th (extended it from what said in episode so can email list etc).

(08:40) Ben

I’ve initiated the first part of the process for launching my product. It was only a mild success. Google pulled the plug on it, but they gave me a voucher for $170.

And I still managed to get a little bit of useable data. That data I’ve applied to a more lengthy survey.

Now I’m having trouble getting people to fill out my survey. Maybe I’ll toss a link into the slack room. Perhaps my audience of 370k people is too narrow.

Maybe I’ll setup an Adwords campaign instead of facebook. It was just easier to pick the audience and create the ad without having to spend a bunch of time on keyword research. However, finding the right keyword is inevitable, so I’ll probably just do that today.

I really want to know the best medium for my product. Whether an Excel sheet, Google sheet, or web app, I’m not sure what people want yet.

Because this part is so critical to the success of the product, I’m not going to skip over it or act on my assumptions. I’m shooting for at least 100 responses before the framework gives me the OK to start creating the product itself.


Ben – wants to get results from survey of what format best to guide people through launching a profitable idea, launch adwords campaign

Rich – preselling & shipping the posture book for digital nomads

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