Making a splash in Vegas

I’ve been in Las Vegas for over a week now and it’s an incredible place, one in which I can be very productive in – probably because I don’t want to leave my suite when it’s 100F outside and has views over the Bellagio fountains:

I was last here six years ago before they had started building City Center, where I’m staying at the Vdara, and when the downtown area really was a wild and dangerous place to roam. I got told by a cab driver that walking around Fremont by myself back then was taking my life into my own hands and it certainly felt it, having to go into the El Cortez casino to lose some people who were following me!

This time however, the downtown area is pretty different thanks to Tony Hsieh from Zappos who is putting $350MM into rejuvenating the area and building a startup and arts community with his Downtown Project. They’ve built the best co-working space I’ve been to Work In Progress which has around 30 plaques of startup companies on the wall who call this place home.

The most innovative project I saw was Project 100 led by ex Zappos Zach Ware which aims to build a transportation system in Vegas which will mean that people will be able to sell their car (which I can vouch for as being amazingly liberating). Purchasing 100x electric Tesla Model S from Elon Musk is a pretty bold way to go and it was super exciting to see a couple parked outside.

Today I got to finally meet Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrepreneur poolside at the Vdara where we swapped books and chatted about the location independent lifestyle and how it can be pretty hard to have personal relationships whilst on the move.

But it’s totally possible as the great couple Mish & Rob from Making It Anywhere prove who I interviewed in my book.

It was great to pick up the first batch of my book yesterday from the lobby. Lis Dingjan from The Identity, who’s also interviewed in the book, did a fantastic job with the cover design, I’m totally happy with how it’s turned out 🙂


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