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On this episode I talk with my long time buddy Kevin Koskella from his latest startup

I met Kevin back in 2013 when I was living in Boulder, CO and finishing my book from the coffee shops there and he interviewed me on his Freedom Lovin Podcast.

We talk about Kevin’s new business at the end but 80% of this chat was about cryptocurrencies (check out my post on how to get started buying altcoins) and initial coin offerings (following on from the crypto chat with Frank in episode 16). We recorded this conversation the day after the Segwit2x Bitcoin hard fork was canceled and after I’d been doing a lot of trading!

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Kevin has been buying Bitcoin since 2011! He recommended listening to Andreas Antonopoulos and I enjoyed this episode of Joe Rogan a year ago.

We mention hardware wallets – Kevin has both the Trezor and the Ledger and I have the Trezor.

I mention Steemit on the show, it’s similar to Medium but built on the blockchain and I’m posting a little on there.

Right now Kevin is offering two free weeks of tasks for his new startup Work Hero which offers unlimited technical and design tasks for online entrepreneurs who don’t want to have to recruit, train and manage a team of VAs (like me). It will be using a similar model to WP Curve that was acquired by GoDaddy.

And that soft toy company I couldn’t remember the name of is << check out the video!

Kevin mentions the Bitcoin mascot the Honey Badger and here’s the video of one taking on 6 lions!

I’ve created a new crypto facebook group ‘Flipping Cryptos‘ if you’re that way inclined 🙂

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