Ultimate Guide to Building & Selling Content Sites

I’m often asked how is a content site different to an affiliate site?

Here’s how I define:

An affiliate site focuses on affiliate marketing as the monetization channel, it only caters to new search traffic every month and once it’s covered a topic it’s deemed built out and no longer adds new content.

A content site publishes new content regularly and looks to build an audience by converting visitors into subscribers. It uses a variety of monetization channels that includes affiliate marketing as well as advertising and info products.

Directory sites that focus on lead gen for monetization, build out a large number of geographic pages with thin content to rank in google. I like the lead gen model but I wouldn’t call them content sites, and you typically wouldn’t be buying them for the quality of the content.

Examples of Content Sites

My top 3 examples of content sites based on execution and creation of brand are:

  1. Capterra – monster software review site that leverages user reviews and advertises on This Week in Startups
  2. Runner Click – great site structure and first-class design, including the best single product review pages I’ve seen
  3. Hosting Facts – looks like a niche site with a ranked / monetized homepage and has less than 100 pages in the google index but has a traffic value in Ahrefs of over $3MM!

How to set up your content site

  1. Buy domain – I use 123 Reg as a Brit as well as Godaddy
  2. Buy hosting – I use WP Engine (link for 20% off first payment)
  3. Install wordpress and pick a theme, free is fine to start but I use Thrive Themes as well as Elementor.
  4. Create a google analytics account and install a wordpress plugin such as Monster Insights to add the code
  5. Install the free Yoast SEO Plugin to optimise your content for the keywords (search phrases) people are searching for in your niche
  6. Set up your sitemaps (see video below)
  7. Do keyword research into the topics your site will cover
  8. Find the best content for the top keywords using buzzsumo.com or ahrefs.com
  9. Write better content and promote on social channels and through email outreach to websites that linked to existing content
  10. Create an optin to build a list you can use to drive traffic to new content and create a simple autoresponder in Drip (now free for 100 contacts) to push people to your top monetized content

Advanced guides to content site structure and google index optimization

Understand why performing an SEO content audit is critical to success when you reach over 100 pages and read these awesome guides below.

Content Site Building Services

For ready-made or done for you niche and authority sites check out Alpha Investors. To power up those sites with guest posts, niche edits and PBN links check out The Hoth.

Content Site Training & Courses

On-page SEO for Content Sites

Kyle Roof Interview – Ranking With Lorem Ipsum & Reverse Engineering Google – possibly the first SEO Google has come after specifically for on-page manipulation.

Top 10 On Page SEO Techniques in 2018 (Backed by Data)

Off-page SEO for Content Sites

3 Ways to Scale Link Building with Custom Search Engines

$0 – $10k/Mo In 3 Months (Tech) Affiliate SEO Case Study

How to Buy & Sell Content Sites

Website investing is now an asset class. You can either sell with a brokerage such as Empire Flippers (save their $297 listing fee using this link) who represent you as the seller to get you the best price, or sell your site with Alpha Investors.

As a website buyer, you need to make sure you have a solid due diligence process or you can choose to purchase a low priced, vetted deal through Motion Invest to then build up.

For managing the transaction, it’s best to use a 3rd party such as escrow.com where you can immediately get paid out to your bank (and save a lot in fees) if you use a service such as Transferwise.

How to Operate a Content Site

You can run content sites yourself or by building your own team – check out my paid newsletter for active website investors to enable you to better buy and operate your own content sites.

Or you can use an operating company such as onfolio.co who will run your asset for you for a management fee and a split of the upside. 

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