Upside Audit

Unlock the ROI of your Content Site

We bought our first content site in 2019 and Richard helped us build a comprehensive growth blueprint for our site that we’ve since followed. We are now selling the site for almost 3x what we’ve bought it in just under a year!
Erick Chang
Website Investor

What Do You Receive?

Content Audit

Which pages to combine, redirect or noindex / delete, to clean up the Google index and reduce Keyword Cannibalization.

Content Gap Analysis

Know what keywords your top competitors are targeting which you are not, according to Ahrefs. Plus Surfer SEO optimization recommendations on your top pages.

Keyword Dependency & Opportunities

Discover which keywords and pages could use a boost to prevent them from falling off p1 in Google (or to get them from p2 to p1).

CTR Recommendations

Ways to increase click through rate from the SERPs, such as identifying featured snippets to optimize for and title tag hacks.

Monetization Recommendations

Suggestions to improve your revenue per 1000 pageviews ($RPM), including best practice examples of conversion elements.

Internal & External Link Optimization​

Link sculpting to your main pages plus how to balance external anchor text vs your competition.

Client Success - Upside Audit Completed June 2019

I Have Great Answers

Ask Me Anything

No. For that I recommend Daniel Cuttridge over at Pathtorch (tell him I sent you).

No. I set out what I would do if I owned / operated the site, for you to then carry out.

Definitely not (this is SEO). However I am open to doing consulting for equity rather than a fee (i.e. I take a % of the upside cashflow / asset price).

I’ve built, sold and flipped content sites for six figures. I believe so.

You can in theory pay for an Upside Audit before you pull the trigger on an acquisition, if you have access to GA / GSC. However this would obviously be risky, especially how quickly content sites get bought in the current climate.

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